Newsletter 23, December 2015, NEURON-funded research projects on “Neurodevelopmental disorders” and “ELSA (Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects of Neuroscience)” (PDF 1,85 MB)

Newsletter 22, July 2015, News from NEURON II (PDF 1,89 MB) 

Newsletter 21, March 2015, News from NEURON II (PDF 884 KB)

Newsletter 20, March 2014, 2013 Résumé and forecast (PDF 1,16 MB) 

Newsletter 19, July 2013, Scientific Symposium - "Neurodevelopment and related disorders", (PDF 2,67 MB)
Please find here the low resolution version, (PDF 844 kb)

Newsletter 18, March 2013, Final Symposium – New Technologies and Neuron funded research projects on "Novel Methods and Approaches towards the Understanding of Brain Diseases", (PDF 4 MB)
Please find here the low resolution version, (PDF 891 kb)

Newsletter 17, December 2012, 2012 Résumé and forecast (PDF 1,26 MB)

Newsletter 16, September 2012, Midterm scientific symposium on mental disorders (PDF 1,15 MB), Lake Como

Newsletter 15, July 2012, ERA-Net NEURON II Kick-Off Meeting, January 2012 (PDF 1,89 MB), Paris

Newsletter 14, March 2012, Achievements of the ERA-Net NEURON 2007-2011 (PDF 2,59 MB)

Newsletter 13, January 2012, Neuron-funded research projects on "Cerebrovascular Diseases" (PDF 2,33 MB)

Newsletter 12, July 2011, From bench to bedside - Neuron workshop on investigator-driven multinatioal clinical trials, Lake Como

Newsletter 11, April 2011, "Workshop on transferring technology from bench to bedside: practices, barriers and policies", Montréal

Newsletter 10, March 2011, Neuron-funded research projects on "Mental Disorders"

Newsletter 9, December 2010, Intermediate Symposium "Neurodegeneration", Rome

Newsletter 8, April 2010, Neuron-funded research projects on "Development and advancement in methods and technologies towards the understanding of brain diseases"

Newsletter 7, January 2010, Neuroethics workshop, Jerusalem

Newsletter 6, November 2009, Scientific workshop "Mental illness and neural dysfunction", Paris

Newsletter 5, June 2009, Scientific workshop "New technologies in Neurosciences", Warsaw

Newsletter 4, April 2009, FENS Satellite Symposium, Geneva

Newsletter 3, January 2009, Neuron-funded research projects on "Neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system"

Newsletter 2, November 2008, Scientific workshop "Biobanking", Vienna

Newsletter 1, June 2008, Scientific workshop "Neurodegeneration", Paris



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